Instron™ X-Y Fixture

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Instron™ X-Y Fixture

The Instron™ X-Y Fixture is an accessory for use in the Instron™ brand Universal Test Machine (UTM). When used, samples are easily moved in X and Y directions under the indenter. The fixture mounts directly to the bottom Instron attachment.

Key Features include:

  • Aluminum top plate with 50mm M6 tapped hole array, 19mm x 250mm x 250mm overall.
  • X & Y manual travel via linear bearings with manual locks on both axes.
  • Total travel of 10” fore/aft and 6” side to side.
  • 1.25” Diameter stainless steel pin with .5” diameter cross pin hole to mate with existing Instron™ machine.
  • 3/8”-8 Acme thread lead screws with bronze nut, one for the X direction, one for the Y direction.
  • 3” Diameter hand wheels.
  • Adjustment is manual, as performed by the operator.

Schap proudly manufactures the Instron™ X-Y Fixture in the USA.

Instron™ is a manufacturer of Universal testing Machines.

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