4-Station Dry Fog Tester


SCHAP’s 4-Station Dry Fog Tester is used for simulating the environment where fogging may occur. Our 4-Station Dry Fog Tester uses reliable Peltier chip technology, eliminating the mess and expense of thermal fluids, while still providing excellent thermal control.

Clear digital displays allow the operator to see the test status. The linear alignment of the beakers makes for easy test setup, sample change over, and clean up time.  This results in a lower competitive purchase price, dependable operation, and lower operating costs.

The operating specifications include dry heated test wells with a range of 50°C to 120°C, Condensing plates with a temperature range of 20°C to 40°C.

The set points are calibrated to within 0.5°C and the set point repeatability is ± 0.2°C.  The proven Hart/Fluke solid state controller technology and solid state silicon heaters give you the reliability and dependability you need and expect from SCHAP Specialty Machine.

4-Station Dry Fog Tester Test Environment

  • Our unique oversized 1-Liter beakers accommodate a large range of materials
  • Oil-less – No need to purchase expensive thermal fluids
  • Quick sample change-over, no need for cleanup
  • Lower operating costs
  • No plumbing required

The essentials of the test are to provide a heated environment for the beaker and sample to be placed into.  The glass plate rests against a cold side to create an environment for condensate to form.  The condensate is either collected directly on the glass plate (photometric) or on a piece of foil (gravimetric).  This tester is capable of meeting the temperature requirements for both specifications.  Our new 4-Station Dry Fog Tester is designed to meet the requirements and uses controllers and solid state heating/cooling vs. the fluid bath types (costly, messy, pumps, etc.). 

We also sell various consumables for each tester included some unique items required for some specific OEM tests.  There are other items such as desiccant chambers, analytical balances, and gloss meters that we either manufacture or can help you source.

What’s Included with the Dry 4 Station Fogging Tester

  • Calibration certificate
  • Set of four beakers
  • Set of four beaker seals
  • Set of four retaining rings
  • Twenty-four glass plates

Rental Options:

This Item is Available for rent OR Lease to own. Call 616-846-6530 for more Information.
(rental equipment is ONLY available in the continental US)

Additional information

Weight270 kg
Dimensions37 × 27 × 30 mm

120V, 220V