Hart 4-Station Dry Fog Tester

Hart 0011 4-Station Dry Fog Tester

The Hart 0011 Dry Fog Tester was formerly manufactured by Hart Scientific. Fluke acquired the product line, and subsequently discontinued production, parts, support, and eventually calibration services. Schap acquired the these capabilities from Fluke in 2015. Our customers who owned these testers asked us to make improvements to the design that led to the development of our  Schap 4 and 6 Station Dry Fog Testers.

Schap Lab repairs, refurbishes, reconditions, and performs accredited calibration of the Hart 0011 4-Station Dry Fog Tester .  We also buy used testers if you are decommissioning or scrapping an existing tester.

Weight58.9 kg
Dimensions762 × 686 × 762 mm