Manual Foam IFD Tester


Manual Foam IFD Tester

SCHAP’s IFD Tester is a bench-top, low cost foam Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) tester capable of testing samples 24 inches square and up to 8 inches thick.  This tester utilizes a modified variable speed DC drive with an adjustable speed range of 5.0 mm/sec to 0.5 mm/sec, which provides the required compression speeds per ASTM D3574-95. (This ASTM specification requires testing to be done within a range of 3.3 and 0.83 mm/sec).

The loading device for our Manual Foam IFD Tester is capable of a maximum load of 1500 pounds-force and is mounted to a custom aluminum structure with a lower load sensing platform that has a vented top plate (per ASTM specifications) for placement of test samples.

The load sensing platform has a remote digital force readout module.

Foam contact is made with the provided 203 mm diameter “indenter foot” mounted to the power drive actuator with a flexible pivoting union (per ASTM specifications), and foam displacement is measured using a precision digital electronic scale on the front of the machine.

The standard dimensions of the Manual Foam IFD Tester, including the stroke of the DC powered loading device, can be easily modified to meet customer needs.  Feel free to contact us for a quote on our standard design or a custom unit to meet your exact specifications. This tester is supplied with one load cell of your choosing.


Additional information

Weight56 kg
Dimensions780 × 1220 × 1140 mm