Schap Acquires ATL Inc.

June 2019 – Schap acquires Applied Technology Lab (ATL) Inc., a Quality Assurance Consultant business that produced fog testing technologies and products. Fred Barwick founded ATL over 24 years ago, and is retiring. Fred practically invented fog testing standards and technologies. He conducted training seminars, taught classes on the subject, and became the industry expert.

Fog testing is the process of measuring VOCs from materials, particularly those from automotive interiors. A small sample of the material is heated in a glass beaker, accelerating emissions. Meanwhile, a glass plate with foil is placed on top of the beaker, and cooled to produce a condensate. Upon completion, the condensate is measured to indicate the amount of emissions that came from the sample.

Schap designs, builds, calibrates, and supplies consumables for fog testing systems. Schap manufactures dry fog testing systems that test materials used in automobile interiors. No oil is used in the dry fog tester, reducing costs and the mess associated with bath-type systems.

Schap Lab is A2LA accredited and provides calibration, repair services, and consumable products for Schap, Hart, and Haake dry fog testers. Consumables include: beakers, glass plates, round foils, DIDP, rubber seals, retaining rings, and sintered rings.


Pre-measured DIDP for Fog Testers

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