What ever happened to the Hart Scientific 0011 Dry Fog Tester?

Hart 4-Station Dry Fog TesterWhat ever happened to the Hart Scientific 0011 Dry Fog Tester?

Hart Scientific invented dry fog testing technology.  Using peltier chip technology for the cooling function made their design 100% electronic. The main advantage of this method of cooling was eliminating drawbacks of using an oil bath.

In 2001, the Fluke Corporation acquired Hart Scientific. After several more years of production, Fluke discontinued production of the Hart 0011 tester, including supplies, parts, repairs, and eventually calibration services.

Bill Schap, owner of Schap Specialty Machine, realized the Hart Scientific Dry Fog product relates closely to their many other physical testing products. His customers asked him if there was anything he could do to take on the Hart 0011 product support and calibrations. So in 2015, Schap Lab purchased the rights and remaining materials from Fluke to manufacture, repair, and calibrate the Hart Scientific 0011 Dry Fog Tester.

More focus was given to the fog tester. Schap decided to improve the design based on customer feedback. Primary concerns were reliability, repeatability, and capacity of the chamber(s). These requests led to the redesign of the dry fog tester. The beaker size was increased from 400ml to 1-liter, and a 6-station unit allowed for more samples to be tested in the same cycle. Ease of use was a primary consideration in setting up tests.

6-Station Dry Fog Tester

The 6-station Dry Fog Tester (pictured to the right) has a balanced, easy-to-open lid that helps operators load and unload samples. The same digital temperature controllers are used to help operators in labs where the Schap and Hart Dry Fog Testers sit side-by-side.

The orientation of the 6 Station Dry Fog Tester improves the footprint and adds counter space as compared to the Haake oil bath system, and even the Hart 0011 Dry Fog Tester.

Schap Lab stocks consumables such as beakers, glass plates, foils, seals, and DIDP for all makes of dry fog testers.

Schap Lab provides A2LA Certified calibration services for the Hart and Schap dry fog testers.

Schap Lab will take your used Hart 0011 Dry Fog Tester in on trade for a new model.

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