H2 Mannikin Storage Cart

H-Point Manikin Cart:

The H2 Mannikin Storage Cart Scissor lifts to allow for manual, foot actuated, height adjustment by the operator. Maximum table height  approximately 31”.  The H2 Mannikin Storage Cart rides on casters, two of which swivel & lock.

Custom fabricated & painted steel pan attached to the cart, used to enlarge the lift’s work surface.

Custom cut dual-color organizing foam.

½” Thick UHMW plastic (rather than plywood) mass organizer with dividers between weights. Grooves  machined into each weight pocket so the weights can be securely picked up using their center hole.  The organizer is not attached to the cart, so a technician can set it closer to the work area if needed.

Manikin securing strap.

Miscellaneous hardware included:

  • (75) 0.38” x 1” x 2” Rectangular black oxide cold rolled steel spacers, non-precision.
  • (50) Round black oxide steel washer, 30mm OD x 13mm ID x 0.19”.
  • (20) Round black oxide steel washer, 50mm OD x 13mm ID x 0.19”.
  • (30) 6” Drop forged steel U-clamp.
  • (10) 8” Drop forged steel U-clamp.
  • (8) 10” Drop forged steel U-clamp.
  • (4) 12” Drop forged steel U-clamp.
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