Finger Tip Abrasion Tester

Finger Tip Abrasion Tester

The SCHAP Finger Tip Abrasion Tester simulates human contact upon a test article by applying a defined load over a defined stroke at a defined speed. Applied load is set with dead weight. “Scrub”, or abrading distance, is adjustable from 1 to 4 mm and is manually set to each specific test component by manually adjusting the height of the drive mechanism. Test applications vary widely and can be done on many different materials or components of various surface textures and / or contours.

Chemo-mechanical abrasion testing can also be done on this unit by applying various liquids (i.e. artificial sweat, hydraulic oil, cleaning solutions, etc.) to the supplied test fabric. Number of cycles can be set via a pre -set counter mounted on the control panel.

This machine is supplied with a manual that includes operating procedures, replacement parts list, maintenance schedule , and set up instructions.

This hand abrasion tester is designed and built to conform to IEC 68-270 specifications. Standard features include:

  • – 10 mm & 20 mm silicone test pistons
  • – Variable test load from 1 to 100 N
  • – Adjustable scrub (abrading) distance up to 4 mm
  • – Pre-Set Counter
  • – Operation Manual
  • – Approximate dimensions 100 X 80 X 60 cm
  • – 110 volt / 60 Hz electrical

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This Item is Available for rent OR Lease to own. Call 616-846-6530 for more Information.
(rental equipment is ONLY available in the continental US)

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 950 × 950 × 1100 mm
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