Flat Table Accessory for Gakushin Tester

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Gakushin Flat Table Accessory

When used with the Gakushin tester, the flat table accessory allows the operator to perform rubbing tests on a flat, instead of a curved surface. Fasten samples so that they lay on Gakushin Flat Table Accessory using the existing table clamps or double stick tape.

Place the abradant material on the 200 or 500 gram heads or add additional weights including combinations to the heads (300g, 500g, or 800g weights) for tests where you need to increase the force applied.  There are spring loaded clamps on both the base and the heads to help keep the samples and the abradant in place.

You can then set the cycle counter for the desired number of cycles and view the samples at the end of the test for abrasion.

Since the materials used to build the Gakushin and the flat plate are either aluminum or solid stainless steel you can run the test either wet or dry.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 17 × 3 mm
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