Veslic Colorfastness Abrasion Tester

Veslic Colorfastness Abrasion Tester

The Veslic Colorfastness Abrasion Tester is used for colorfastness to rubbing tests (similar to crocking) of leather, finished textiles, and other materials. The machine features three stations that can be individually set to 500g or 1,000g loads, and up to 25% stretch may be applied to the specimens once they are clamped to the oscillating test bed. Each station has an adjustable depth holder for felt test pads, and can accommodate other test pads of the same size.

Felt pads are used for colorfastness and marring evaluations.  Tests may be performed either dry or wet (typically DI water or synthetic perspiration is used). Test specimens and the felt test pieces are evaluated for change in color utilizing standard gray scales in a light booth. Other test pads may be used in place of the felt to simulate events such as the sole of a shoe rubbing on a leather upper as in the case of a wearer crossing their legs and resting one shoe on top of the other.

In addition to felt and rubber pads, abrasive papers, cotton fabric, or other similar rubbing elements may be used with some modifications to the pad holders.

Veslic Colorfastness Abrasion Tester Features:

  • Mechanical components are constructed of non-corrosive Aluminum and Solid Stainless Steel
  • Durable Powder Coat and Anodized finishes
  • Precision ball and needle bearings
  • Programmable count-up controller with automatic stop
  • Adjustable jog and test speed controls
  • Vented Protective Cover protects operator hands from pinch points
  • Supply voltages vary and must be specified at time of purchase
  • Down draft fan prevents friction heat buildup
  • High quality brushless electric motors
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

No. of stations – 3
Mass of rubbing finger 500g
Additional weight 500g
Rubbing speed 40 cycles per minute
Rubbing distance 35mm
Minimum separation of clamps 80mm
Linear pretension of test piece up to 25%

Felt pad 15mm x 15mm

Rental Options:

This Item is Available for rent OR Lease to own. Call 616-846-6530 for more Information.
(rental equipment is ONLY available in the continental US)

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 215 × 105 × 180 mm
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