Gakushin Tester Extra Weights

Gakushin Tester Weights

Our Gakushin Tester Extra Weights come in 300g, 500g, 800g & 1200g (see picture) of mass.  Each weight is approximately 50mm in diameter, and has two pin holes on the bottom and two pins on the top.  These pins and pin holes are used to positively locate the weights onto the Gakushin heads and on to each other when stacking.

Multiple weights can be stacked to meet the specified test requirement.  Up to 1.8Kg of total weight (weight of the head plus the weights themselves) can be mounted on each station and the tester will still operate properly.

All of our heads and weights are carefully manufactured to be within ± 0.25% of the weight for better accuracy (so, a 500g head or weight will be between 497.5g and 502.5g).  Other weights can be supplied – please consult the factory for details.

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Gakushin Weights

300 Grams, 500 Grams, 800 Grams, 1200 Grams

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