Tensile UTM Grippers

SCHAP’s Tensile UTM Grippers screw action grips provide a very simple and efficient method for holding test specimens in a wide range of applications.

The dual-acting Tensile UTM Grippers design means that jaw faces can be adjusted to accommodate different specimen thicknesses, this ensures that the line of tensile force remains concentric with the grip body. They can be equipped with a selection of interchangeable grip jaw faces in various sizes for your UTM.

  • Screw knobs on either side are knurled to facilitate hand tightening and the higher capacities
  • Static tensile tests on a wide range of materials and specimen types including plastics, metals, textiles, paper, thin sheet, foil, wire.
  • Type of Loading: Tensile, static and tension-tension cyclic tests. Not suitable for high cycle dynamic fatigue tests.


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