Portable Specimen Conditioning Rack

SCHAP’s Portable Specimen Conditioning Rack is intended for use in both reduced and elevated temperature settings.

For most tests, samples need to be conditioned at a specific temperature and humidity settings prior to the actual test.

Our sample conditioning racks are ideal for holding your samples prior to testing.  The number of shelves and the spaces left between them allow for excellent airflow and conditioning.

Our racks are built with rustproof finishes to ensure long-term use in either elevated temperatures or cold temperatures ranges from -10⁰C to +80⁰C.

Note: Pictured is our rack for leather, vinyl, or fabric samples.

Portable Specimen Conditioning Rack Specs:

    • Capacity: 12 Shelves
    • Wire shelf dimensions: 18 inches (457 mm) x 26 inches (660 mm)
    • The rails on this rack are spaced 5 inches (127 mm) apart to accommodate foam samples up to 4 inches (100 mm) thick.
    • 400 pound (181 kg weight capacity)
    • Individual Shelf Capacity: 90 pounds (40 kg)
    • Load Style: End Load
    • The all-aluminum structure helps prevent rusting.
    • The casters allow for easy movement into and out of environmental chambers and maneuverability in the test lab.
    • Four swivel casters with swivel locks and wheel brake on 2 wheels.
    • Ships unassembled.
  • Overall width: 20.25 inches (514 mm).
  • Overall length: 26 inches (660 mm).
  • Overall height: 69 inches (1752 mm).

Weight 70.0 kg
Dimensions 514 × 660 × 1752 mm
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