SFAD 2 Static Force Application Device

SFAD 2 Static Force Application Device

Schap’s, Static Force Application Device 2 (S.F.A.D. 2), is designed to test child restraint anchorage systems to ensure their proper location and strength for the effective securing of child restraints, and to reduce the likelihood of the anchorage systems failure (FMVSS 225).

Schap offers the S.F.A.D. 2 made of either aluminum or powder coated steel.  The aluminum version complies with FMVSS static load requirements, and is light weight, making it easier to handle.  For testing applications where the static loads exceed FMVSS requirements, or side loads are intended, the steel version is suggested.


ISOFIX attachment available.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 540 × 310 × 600 mm
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