Type B Body Block

Type B Body Block

SCHAP’s Type B Body Block is is made of machined aluminum in our manufacturing facility. We have designed this body block for reduced weight without compromising strength or durability. It comes with appropriate mounting points for Static Load testing.

The contact surface is covered by 1″ (25.4mm) medium density canvas covered foam rubber. For ease of maintenance, cotton duck canvas covers are laced for easy tightening, removal and replacement. Cover kits are available separately.

Our body blocks are designed for use with Static Load Testers. They conform to tests FMVSS 210, FMVSS 207, and ECE R14. The Type B pelvic body block may be substituted for the Type A pelvic body block to apply the specified force to the center set(s) of anchorages for any group of 3 or more sets of anchorages that are simultaneously loaded.

Body blocks can be purchased with customer specified modifications as a stand-alone item. Body blocks can also be painted for company brand matching for an additional cost.

Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 330 × 380 × 270 mm
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