Fabric Pilling Tester Kit for Ford 108-03

The Fabric Pilling Tester Kit for Ford 108-03 consists of 3 lower plates (brush, sponge, Velcro) and 6 clamps.

Fabric Pilling Tester Kit for Ford 108-03 is used to determine pilling and other changes in surface appearance, such as fuzzing, which occur in normal wear are simulated on laboratory testing machines.

Fabrics are subjected to simulated wear conditions: first brushing the specimens to free fiber ends that form fuzz on the surface of the fabric, then rubbing two of the specimens together in circular motion to roll the fiber ends into pills.

The degree of fabric pilling is evaluated by comparing the tested specimens with visual standards, which may be actual fabrics or photographs of fabrics, showing a range of pilling resistance. The observed resistance to pilling is reported using an arbitrary rating scale.

This kit is designed to use with SCHAP’s 6 Station Pilling Tester.
Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 1220 × 480 × 480 mm
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