8 Ram Static Load and Pull Tester

SCHAP’s 8 Ram Static Load and Pull Tester

  • (8) 45kN (10k lbs.) Hydraulic cylinders (2-1/2” bore x 1m (40”) stroke) with low friction seals.
  • (8) Cylinders with internal displacement transducers inside the rods (not susceptible to external damage or rotation measurement errors).
  • (3) 150mm (6”) Diameter solid steel cross beams with swivel mounted rear clevis blocks.
  • Cylinders adjustable height from 250mm (9.8”) up to 2.5m (98”).
  • Cylinders adjustable width up to 2m (78”) wide.
  • Dual forward support frame members bolted to bedplate.
  • Single power lift for all cross beams (jogged one at a time).
  • Manual end clamping of cross beams.
  • Two way (gimbal type) rear mounting of all cylinders allowing for free floating cylinder alignment during pulls.
  • Individually counterbalanced cylinders, using overhead winches and extension springs. Each cylinder has zero net weight.
  • (8) Servo-proportional hydraulic valves.
  • (8) Load cells rated for 10k lbs. of compression & tension. .
  • All necessary hydraulic plumbing.
  • (3) Custom made 3 station aluminum manifolds with ports to accumulators, actuators, dump valves, check valves. Located underneath safety plates.
  • Design will be in 3-D AutoCAD design. 2-D Drawings will be provided for approval upon order.
  • Framing and bedplate will be powder coated to customer specified RAL numbers.

 Accumulator system, including:

  • (8) Hydraulic accumulators (one for each cylinder) w/ mounting brackets
  • Check valves and safety power valves.
  • This prevents data “cross talk” upon partial load separation on any of the cylinders.
  • All necessary hydraulic plumbing is included.
  • Safety 3-way power dump valve & adjustable bleed down control. 

 PC based control & data acquisition system, including:

  • Custom floor standing console.
  • Rack mount PC w/ monitor, key board & mouse.
  • National Instruments DAQ cards & break-out boards.
  • (8) Digital closed-loop PID controllers, pre-tuned prior to shipping.
  • (8) Load cell signal conditioners, one for each cylinder.
  • (12) Auxiliary sensor channels.
  • “Dead-man” switch for test operation.
  • All necessary Windows OS software.
  • Custom test program in VB.net, written and supported by our staff.
  • System debug, tuning and customer training on our floor.

Stand-alone hydraulic power unit, including:

  • 15HP Stand-alone hydraulic power pack (accommodates up to 9 cylinders).
  • Complete electrical controls, including 480V 3-phase disconnect and fuses.
  • 10 Micron pressure filtration and 10 micron return filtration.
  • Safety 3-way power dump valve & adjustable bleed down control.
  • Automatic high temperature and low oil level sensing and shut-down.
  • On board air cooler for the hydraulic oil. 

Fabricated steel bedplate, including:

  • 5m (8.2’) x 4.5m (14.7’) overall size.
  • One-piece construction.
  • Non-precision mounting surface (flat within +/- 3mm (1/8”)).
  • T-slots on 150mm (6”) centers, perpendicular to load direction.
  • Powder coated on all surfaces.
  • 12 Tapped fixture mounting nuts included. More available upon request.
  • Other bedplate sizes available upon request.
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