3 Station Powered Stretch and Set Tester for Fabric & Leather

3 Station Powered Stretch and Set Tester for Fabric & Leather

The Power Stretch and Set Tester is a static extension tester designed to eliminate operator variability when weights are manually hung too abruptly.  This often happens with larger weights and smaller technicians.  It is available in either a 1-Station version, or a 3-Station version.

The operator installs the specimen and sets the timer.  The tester lifts when the switch is activated to go up and continues until the upper limit switch is reached.  The timer on the 3 Station Powered Stretch and Set starts as soon as the weight is lifted and continues while the weight is in upward motion.  When the designated length of time expires, an audible tone signifies that a length measurement should be taken (manually).


  • Manufactured from non-corrosive Aluminum and Solid Stainless Steel.
  • Nickel plated weights can be supplied to meet the test requirements which include: 5.1 Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 10.2Kg, and 12.25Kg
  • Custom clamps and test weights available.
  • Please specify voltage when ordering
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Weight 13.6 kg
Dimensions 368.3 × 228.6 × 914.4 mm
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