Foam Fatigue Safety Enclosure

Foam Fatigue Safety Enclosure

This Foam Fatigue Safety Enclosure features an automatic test stop upon opening any of the doors.  The Safety Enclosure utilizes double kill switches on both the front and back doors making it accessible from both sides. This enclosure safely helps the test technician to leave the machine and work on other projects without any outside interference.

This is available with a new machine or as an aftermarket option. This safety enclosure uses the exact same footprint as the original machine so it will not take up more bench space while keeping your team safe from injury.

This Foam fatigue safety enclosure is made for SCHAP Foam Fatigue Testers. This can be purchased separately to retrofit an existing test machine or ordered as an additional feature. SCHAP’s Foam Fatigue Tester with Safety Enclosure is a single station tester.  In the standard configuration, it cycles to a constant load, but also can be supplied with an option for constant displacement. This meets the requirements of ASTM D 3574 – 03 “Dynamic Fatigue Test by Constant Force Pounding” section.c

This is an optional add on for our foam fatigue machines or can be ordered prior to build. Contact us for details.


 Additional Features

  • Built with Anodized Aluminum
  • Designed and Built in the U.S.A.

This machine meets the Constant Force and Constant Displacement Specifications. This unit has a PLC-based controller, with a color touch screen display. The SCHAP Foam Fatigue Tester utilizes either force or stroke feedback to ensure a constant cycle rate as specified. This unit can perform sections I1, I3 and I5.

(other sizes, rates, and peak forces available on request)

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