Introducing the Schap Dry Fog Tester

6-Station Dry Fog Tester


January 25, 2019

SCHAP is revolutionizing the approach to automotive fog testing. Our Station Fog tester is the cleanest, smallest, and safestin the fog testing industry. This Dry Fog test system challenges the competition in size, safety and cost of operation. Our customers report considerable annual savings in technician time and supplies.

One of the biggest issues in fog testing has been the use of thermal fluids. These heat up to dangerous temperatures to meet testing requirements. The SCHAP Dry Fog Tester uses Dry heat instead of expensive oils that can splash on technicians when changing beakers.

“When we saw the mess and time involved with extremely hot thermal fluids I knew our customers needed a solution. We saw this as an opportunity to use newer technology for a completely different approach to automotive Fog Testing.”

Our made in the USA fog tester uses six, 1 liter beaker wells. it uses the same consumables to accommodate a wide range of test samples. The cooling and heating systems use proven and reliable solid-state technologies to eliminate the mess and expense of thermal fluids while still providing excellent thermal control and maximum uptime. A simple digital display allows the operator to monitor the test status. The swing back top makes for counter space savings, easy test setup and fast sample change over. This also adds to the lower overall operating cost and dependable operation.

Features include:

  • Oil-less Peltier chip technology – No need to purchase expensive thermal fluids
  • Quick sample change-over, no need for cleanup
  • Lower lab operating costs
  • Self contained: No expensive cooling unit or plumbing required
  • Safely change over test samples without oil burns
  • Smallest desktop footprint in the industry

SCHAP was founded on the principal of building quality products with test repeatability in mind. William Schap, founder and company president, started the business almost 30 years ago as a B2B custom-design and build firm. Over the years, many of his designs have become standard products and have been written into customer test specifications. Today, the business produces over 300 different standard products that are sold in over 40 countries.

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