Strain Gauge Load Cell Amplifier


In SCHAPs’ test equipment, the Strain Gauge Load Cell Amplifier can serve a number of functions.  Its primary function is to amplify the signal from the load cells so that the controls electronics in the tester can better determine the actual load being applied during the test.  The controls then use that input to operate the tester.

Another common function of the Gauge is to assist in the calibration of the entire test system by being able to use calibrated resistors (sensors) to simulate specific loads and confirm the calibration of the load cell and Signal Conditioner combination over the whole load/test range.

The Strain Gauge Load Cell Amplifier is a sensitive electronic instrument and can be susceptible to electrical shock or mechanical damage.  If it becomes damaged it will no longer send the signal from the load cell to the system controls, and the tester will either not operate properly, or not operate at all.  In either of those cases, the Strain Gauge Load Cell Amplifier would need to be replaced.  This standard one can be used on most Schap test machines.

If you are not certain of the true issue in the performance of your tester, we recommend you contact one of our controls engineers for assistance.  You can do this by sending an email to info2@schapmachine.com, or by calling us at 616-846-6530 between 8:00 and 5:00 Eastern time.  If your tester is PC based, and you can get internet service to it, then we may be able to hook into your tester remotely and help to diagnose the problem with the tester.

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