Wyzenbeek Chrysler Conversion Kit

The Wyzenbeek Chrysler Conversion Kit

This Kit upgrades your Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester to comply with Chrysler test specifications. The kit includes components necessary to attach four scales to the upper arm assemblies.

The Wyzenbeek Test Method

Individual test specimens cut from the warp and weft are rubbed back and forth using an AATCC approved #10 cotton duck fabric, or wire mesh abradant screen as the abradant (Both available from Schap).

Each station holds a specimen taught, utilizing contoured foam pads to apply pressure. The abradant is affixed to the oscillating drum, which abrades the specimens for a prescribed number of cycles.

The end point is reached when two yarn breaks occur or when appreciable wear is reached or when 100,000 double rubs are reached. The samples should be checked every 5,000 double rubs, and when an end point is reached because of failure,

The rater should back up to the previous 5,000 double rub checkpoint as the test result of abrasion resistance. The test results are therefore to be reported in 5,000 double rub increments.

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