8 Station Pneumatic Fatigue Test Sequencer


8 Station Pneumatic Fatigue Test Sequencer

SCHAP’s 8 Station Fatigue Test Sequencer is a universal tester that uses air power (pneumatics) to test a range of products or other devices with forward-release-reverse-release control.

It is capable of operating up to 8 channels simultaneously using up to 8 virtual tests (a virtual test is any combination of up to 8 channels assigned to a single synchronized test sequence).  Each channel is equipped with separate pressure regulators for forward and for reverse control.  Test sequence setup is made easy by an interactive graphics or text interface and is accomplished with a simple click and drag software.

Sequences can be controlled by any combination of time and limit switches (or proximity sensors).  You can add a load cell converter box to set up a force as a limit to add that capability.   Limit switches can also be used to determine fault conditions.

The entire control unit of the 8 Station Fatigue Test Sequencer is housed in a roll-around console and operates on standard 90 PSI of clean and dry air and 115 V.A.C.

Some of the tests that it can do include: mechanical seat cycle tests, loading and unloading of a seat with a form, applying a timed or controlled force on a seat/seat back/sear arm to a distance (limit) or for a time, or other test where you can utilize the air controls of the tester with your cylinders, limit switches, or load cells.  Once you create your test you can save it for future use.  The test can also include loops and can be done for thousands of cycles.

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