“W” Flex Tester for Fabric and Leather

“W” Flex Tester for Fabric and Leather

SCHAP’s “W” Flex Tester for Fabric and Leather is a flexometer used for evaluating a fabric or leather’s resistance to flexing fatigue. This is a bench-top machine with fourteen test stations. Each station includes suitable clamps for attaching the test samples after they are rolled up.

The operator loads as many stations as are desired by rolling each sample around the mounting barrels at either end and attaching them with the screw clamps provided. Note that the stations being loaded must be at full stroke. The desired number of test cycles is then entered on the cycle counter and the test is started.

The tester is available in four stroke and drum diameter configurations:

Hyundai “W” Flex Tester Configuration:

  • Speed: 450 RPM
  • Stroke: 1.270 CM
  • Drum Diameter: 2.540 CM

GM Newark “W” Flex Tester Configuration:

  • Speed: 500 RPM
  • Stroke: 3.175 CM
  • Drum Diameter: 3.810 CM

Hyundai & Newark Combined Configuration:

  • Utilizes a 50/50 Combination of Hyundai and GM/Newark functionality

ISO Configuration

  • Optimized for ISO 7854 Section B

Stiffness Tester for Fabric and Leather Features:

  • Operates in ambient conditions
  • Mechanical components are constructed of non-corrosive Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Durable Powder Coat and Anodized finishes
  • Lockable master on-off switch
  • Precision ball and needle bearings
  • Programmable count-up controller with automatic stop
  • Adjustable jog and test speed controls
  • Vented Protective Cover protects operator hands from pinch points, vents heat from friction
  • Supply voltages vary and must be specified at time of purchase
  • High quality brushless electric motors
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Important Ordering Instructions:

Each of the four variations of this product is available in 120 and 240 volt AC models.

We offer other variations of “W” Flex Testers:

Rental Options:

This item is available for purchase, rent or lease to own.

Weight 73 kg
Dimensions 1370 × 610 × 660 mm
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