Flex Tester with Integrated Freezer

“W” Flex Tester with Integrated Freezer

SCHAP’s “W” Flex Tester with Integrated Freezer is designed to accommodate our cold capable testers that evaluate the flexural fatigue resistance of leather, composites, vinyl, surface finishes, and other materials.

The Integrated Freezer includes a freezer with a scissor lift, and control panel all mounted to a steel tubular base. The control panel has a digital temperature display, a digital soak timer, and a digital counter.

The tester is raised and lowered via an electric scissor lift located inside the freezer. An external push button pendant is located outside the freezer to operate the lift.

To operate, the operator lowers the tester down into the freezer, sets the desired temperature, soak time and cycle counts and presses the cycle start push button. When the freezer reaches the desired temperature it starts the soak timer. When the soak time is complete the tester automatically starts and runs until the desired cycle counts are reached. A flashing red light located on the control panel indicates the test is complete.

A selector switch is provided to disable the temperature display and soak timer. This allows the tester to run in ambient lab conditions as well.

Integrated Freezer Features:

  • Remote temperature-controlled
  • Internal circulating fans minimize cold spots in the chamber
  • Uses 120VAC powered by remote controller
  • Minimum temperature: -20C
  • Safety interlock – when lid is opened, test stops
  • Can be integrated with Schap Cold Pinch Fold, Bally Flex or Newark Flex Cold Capable Testers
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Variations of Schap Cold Flex Testers for the Integrated Freezer:

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