40″ PC Servo Universal Test Machine (UTM)

SCHAP’s 40″ PC Servo Universal Test Machine (UTM) is highly versatile and user programmable.

This Tension and Compression Tester is designed to test a wide spectrum of materials including: textiles, leather, metals, plastics, adhesives, and foam. This allows you to create tests that meet your specific needs. A variety of accessories such as test fixtures, clamp jaws and grips are also available.

Our base UTM tester is capable of  5 kN capacity, with upgrade options increasing capacity to 20 kN.  Vertical stroke length is 955 mm. The standard test area is 1010mm wide by 622mm deep. The test surface has is perforated with vent holes to facilitate standard foam testing specifications.

Schap designs and builds a variety of static load machines with load capacities up to 200 kip (~900kN) and stroke lengths of up to 2.5 m.

Features of our 40″ PC Servo Universal Test Machine (UTM):

  • Mechanical components are constructed of aluminum and solid stainless steel
  • Durable powder coat and anodized finishes
  • Custom stroke lengths and speed are available as specified at the time of purchase
  • Load capacity can vary and is specified at the time of purchase
  • Multiple load cell capability
  • A wide variety of indenter attachments are available
  • Emergency stop button helps prevent injury or machine damage
  • Additional inputs available to record extensometer and/or deflectometer displacements
  • Supply voltages vary and is specified at time of purchase
  • High quality brushless electric motors
  • Load accuracy of 0.5%
  • Built-in displacement transducer
  • Footprint: 1240mm wide x 730mm deep x 1460mm tall
  • CE compliant design
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Schap Software Features:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 PC operating environment
  • User programmable test sequences
  • Adjustable data acquisition rates
  • Adjustable load ranges
  • Built in calibration interface
  • Networkable
  • Real-time plotting
  • Data stored in CSV files with detailed header information

Universal Test Machine Operating Instructions

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