Honda Odor Tester

270L0000 ,

The enclosure for the Honda Odor Tester will house all of the components stated below. The operator will first evacuate the sample bag by selecting one of the provided nozzles and attaching the bag. To activate the vacuum pump, there will be a button to press and hold.

Once the operator determines the bag is sufficiently evacuated, they can connect the bag to the nitrogen side of the enclosure. There will be a selector switch to choose 2L or 3L of nitrogen based on the test and bag being used. After choosing the proper amount, press the start button. Nitrogen will begin entering the bag. After 20 or 30 seconds has passed, the nitrogen fill will end, and the bag can be removed.


Odor Tester Components:

(1) Vacuum pump for evacuating the bag prior to nitrogen fill.

(2) Timers will be setup to fill bags with 2L or 3L of nitrogen based on a flow rate of 6L/min (set via a flow control). A selector switch will be used to toggle between the settings.

(1) Pressure regulator with a quick disconnect to reduce incoming pressure.

(1) Flow meter for visual verification of nitrogen flow velocity.

Multiple size nozzles for filling and evacuating bags.

Powder coated bench-top enclosure, on skid resistant feet, to house all items in one unit.

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 610 × 610 × 508 mm
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