Gakushin Colorfastness Abrasion Tester

Gakushin Colorfastness Abrasion Tester

SCHAP Gakushin Colorfastness Abrasion Tester is a 6-station rubbing tester, and is used for evaluating crocking, color transfer, and abrasion resistance of leather, fabric, vinyl, stitched seams, plastics and other materials.

Each station is equipped with an adjustable zero force balanced arm, a removable rub head and retainer that can be weighed independently and a set of spring-loaded clamps on the reciprocating table for abradant tightening. SCHAP’s Gakushin can facilitate up to six unique specimens that can be tested simultaneously.

Our 6 station tester has a designed cycle rate of 60 CPM, but can be adjusted for your specific application down to 30 CPM or lower. Stroke length is 100mm but can be adjusted to 120mm (some disassembly required).

Standard rub heads are 200 grams or 500 grams and come with spring clamps to attach specimens, crocking cloths, or abradants.  Other rub head geometry and weight(s) are available upon request.  The standard tester set includes 6 each of the 200 and 500 gram heads, plus six each of the 300, 500, and 800 gram weights, plus a weight tray for storage.

This is a heavy-duty tester, capable of operating with 1,800 grams on each station, all at the same time, meeting more rigorous industry specifications.

Gakushin Colorfastness Abrasion Tester Features:

  • Mechanical components are constructed of Aluminum and  solid Stainless Steel to minimize corrosion.
  • Durable powder coat and anodized finishes.
  • Precision needle bearings in the drive mechanism.
  • Programmable digital count-up controller with automatic stop.
  • Suitable for wet or dry test conditions.
  • Optional flat testing surface.
  • Separately adjustable jog and test speed controls.
  • High quality brushless electric motor.
  • Polycarbonate safety cover and base enclosure protects the operator from pinch points.
  • Fan ventilation exhausts heat generated by friction.
  • Double-acting safety switch that disables operation while the cover is open.
  • Capable of being CE compliant.
  • Maintenance-free design.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Gakushin Colorfastness Abrasion Tester Accessories

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