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  • What ever happened to the Hart Scientific 0011 Dry Fog Tester?

    What ever happened to the Hart Scientific 0011 Dry Fog Tester? Hart Scientific invented dry fog testing technology.  Using peltier chip technology for the cooling function made their design 100% electronic. The main advantage of this method of cooling was eliminating drawbacks of using an oil bath. In 2001, the Fluke Corporation acquired Hart Scientific.

  • Schap Acquires ATL Inc.

    June 2019 – Schap acquires Applied Technology Lab (ATL) Inc., a Quality Assurance Consultant business that produced fog testing technologies and products. Fred Barwick founded ATL over 24 years ago, and is retiring. Fred practically invented fog testing standards and technologies. He conducted training seminars, taught classes on the subject, and became the industry expert.

  • What is a Wyzenbeek?

     Wyzenbeek (Oscillatory Cylinder) A Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester is used for evaluating the quality of leather, textiles and fabrics. The test method was invented in the early 20th century. No one really knows where the name came from: the inventor? his girlfriend? or a duck that was taunting the inventor. No matter how it got named,

  • 6-Station Dry Fog Tester

    Introducing the Schap Dry Fog Tester

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 25, 2019 SCHAP is revolutionizing the approach to automotive fog testing. Our Station Fog tester is the cleanest, smallest, and safestin the fog testing industry. This Dry Fog test system challenges the competition in size, safety and cost of operation. Our customers report considerable annual savings in technician time and supplies.

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