8 Station Pneumatic Valve Pack

8 Station Pneumatic Valve Pack

8 Station Pneumatic Valve Pack is configured with 8 double solenoid air valves with a single pressure regulator under each station and quick disconnects. When used with our PC Life tester, each valve operates in tandem with a motor output so that the limit switch and analog input capabilities of the life tester controlling DC loads can be simply applied to a pneumatic actuator on a test fixture instead of a motor.

For example, the test sequence could call for a movement to a limit, and the actual step actuates one of the air valves, which pressurizes an air cylinder, and moves a form or fixture to the desired limit switch location.  When the limit is reached, the tester gives the valve the command to retract (move in the other direction), and the cycle is complete.

With eight double-solenoid air valves, the tester can accommodate eight single-acting cylinders or four double-acting cylinders.

Also available is our 2 Station Valve Pack.
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 230 × 305 × 270 mm
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